Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Nourishment

At The Dunes recovery is predicated on treating the total person utilizing a holistic approach to addiction treatment, helping them face and effectively deal with all aspects of lives under siege by addiction. Our total person approach is holistic and embraces a wide range of options—providing a variety of resources that each client, assisted by Dunes clinicians, can custom tailor to ensure the best chance at reclaiming their lives and living it in an enjoyable manner.

Mission Relax—the 1st step in a holistic approach to addiction treatment

Holistic Approach to AddictionIt is challenging to learn new behaviors, attitudes, and habits. Dunes staffers are sensitive to the difficulties those new in recovery face and are respectful of client struggles to make a new beginning. From the moment clients arrive they are encouraged to relax so they can fully participate in reclaiming their lives.

Clients must be able to relax if they are to refocus their minds, rejuvenate their bodies, and reawaken their spirits. The Dunes provides clients with the perfect environment where they can un-plug from the stress of the world and totally relax. Doing so gives clients an edge they need to succeed in laying the foundation for a lasting recovery.

Emotional Sustenance—the key to balance and maturity that addiction put on hold

Emotional healing often begins when a client first contacts our staff. From the very first phone call to The Dunes, our staff strives to establish that there is a solution to the problem of addiction. This reassurance is the 1st step toward helping clients deal with their stunted emotional development. Each client works with their primary counselor on a regular schedule during their stay at The Dunes. Then, the entire clinical team carefully reviews each client’s progress on a weekly basis.

This careful collaboration between Dunes staff and each client is the basis for individual treatment plans being created, constantly evaluated, and modified to reflect ongoing changes and developments—helping clients into the emotional maturation process so vital to a lasting recovery.

Physical nourishment—a crucial element for content addiction free living

Physical NourishmentCommonly, men and women grappling with addictive behaviors tend to have poor eating habits. Our expert dietary and nutritional guidance helps clients get back on a sensible and healthful track with their food and drink intake setting the stage for more complete healing and repair of addiction damaged bodies.

The Dunes’ guidance, regarding nutrition and menu planning, emphasizes an often overlooked yet critical element of recovery. Doing so encourages clients to adopt a holistic approach to recovery by helping them more deeply appreciate the mind + body connection as it relates to enjoying recovery.

Our Chef, Nutritionist and Dietician work hand-in-hand to create a world-class dining experience that is delicious and wholesome. Ingredients are as fresh and as natural as possible and are often organically grown. Dining at The Dunes takes place in a beautiful setting, where amiable conversation fosters a low-stress, loving environment which enhances digestion and the client’s ability to assimilate both physical nourishment and the emotional and spiritual offerings being made available.

Spiritual Toolkit—optional pathways to a spiritual awakening

Spiritual ToolkitWe help guide our clients in developing a personal spiritual practice through a combination of individual and group spiritual explorations (which are optional) such as yoga, meditation, and nature excursions.

For interested clients who find spiritual principles or practices somewhat challenging our emphasis is to start by helping establish a sense of hope and renewal in daily life. There are many paths to spirituality and all the spiritual tools offered at The Dunes are both non-denominational and practical.

At The Dunes we recognize the complementary roles proper diet and nutrition contribute to the development of a more stable emotional life and spiritual growth—all combining to better client chances of attaining a lasting recovery from addiction.

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