The Dunes Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility in New York

Addiction treatment shouldn’t be a punishment. It should be a time of healing and comfort. Likewise, the location where addiction treatment takes place should maximize healing and comfort. It should be an oasis, both physically and emotionally, for those who need to take back their lives from drug or alcohol addiction.

Recover in the Comfort and Luxury of East Hampton

When a standard rehab center simply won’t do, clients come to The Dunes East Hampton for an addiction treatment experience unlike any other. Our exclusive location on a private, expansive estate in The Hamptons allows clients to enjoy:

  • A luxurious, gated facility with elegant private rooms
  • A secluded, tranquil setting to heal in peace and comfort
  • The finest service and amenities
  • Expansive, gorgeous grounds and beautiful nearby beaches and parks
  • Powerful healing from top addiction recovery experts in the field

Your Private Addiction Recovery Oasis

The Dunes’ luxurious, tranquil estate provides a comfortable place to undergo rehabilitation away from prying eyes, in the company of people who understand the challenges of overcoming addiction.

Privacy is a pressing concern for the executives and high-profile clients who come to us for treatment. For this reason, our treatment facility is located on a private, gated estate in a secluded wooded area, not visible from any public property. We have rigorous policies and practices in place to ensure our clients’ privacy at all times, and our staff is highly trained to ensure the safety and confidentiality of each and every resident.

The Hamptons – A Place Like No Other

When you’re ready to get outside and enjoy nature, the East Hampton location provides innumerable opportunities. Clients can head down to the beach for a yoga session, take a mindfulness walk through the woods, or get in some exercise in the pool. On weekends, they can enjoy eco adventure trips and off-site 12-step meetings. Plus, many of our recovery activities, such as equine-assisted therapy and meditation, are outdoors-based.

Top Addiction Experts in New York and the East Coast

The Dunes founder and CEO, Joe McKinsey, knows from firsthand experience what it’s like to struggle with dependency while maintaining a career as an executive. Now almost 30 years sober, he’s gathered experts in the addiction recovery field to provide the latest, highly proven addiction therapies to The Dunes – experts such as Dr. Howard J. Shaffer.

An associate professor at Harvard Medical School and the director of the Division on Addictions at The Cambridge Health Alliance, Dr. Shaffer is a licensed psychologist, researcher and professor who is leading innovation in the addiction treatment field. Find out more about Dr. Shaffer and the rest of our talented team here.

Long Island’s Top Luxury Addiction Treatment Location

The Dunes East Hampton was founded in order to provide executives and high-profile individuals with an addiction treatment facility to meet their unique needs for privacy, luxury and compassion, optimally located to serve New York and East Coast residents.

If you or someone you care about needs help recovering from addiction but doesn’t feel comfortable going to a traditional rehab center, The Dunes provides a wonderful alternative. Even some of the most influential people need help reclaiming their lives from addiction, and our team knows how to empower our clients while providing the support they need most.

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