The Dunes’ Dr. Kardaras Speaks on ‘Screen Addiction’ in the Hamptons

Dr Kardaras Speaks on Screen Addiction In The Hamptons - The Dunes

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Executive Director of The Dunes East Hampton, is intimately familiar with the topic of “screen addiction,” which refers to those who spend excessive time on their smartphones, tablets and other handheld electronic devices.

Not only has he studied the subject extensively, but he has written a well-received book called “Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids – And How to Break the Trance.” He has also been called upon as a guest on HLN, Yahoo News and several other media outlets to share his expert insight into screen addiction.

More recently, Dr. Kardaras was booked as a speaker at Rogers Memorial Library and the Southampton Arts Center to follow a screening of the new documentary “Screenagers” (a film with which he was not affiliated). Dr. Kardaras took part in a Q&A session that followed the film, lending his expertise on how digital media and excessive screen time affect children and teens.

To read more about Dr. Kardaras’s appearance at the Southampton Arts Center and his unique observations of adolescent screen use, visit, a publication specific to the Hamptons.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras Speaks on Screen Addiction

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