The Dunes’ Dr. Kardaras to The National Herald: Greece Has Its Own Opioid Crisis, Too

The Dunes' Dr Kardaras Speaks on the Opioid Epidemic

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Executive Director of The Dunes East Hampton, was recently featured in The National Herald, an American print and online publication that covers Greek issues. Dr. Kardaras was the sole expert voice in an article on the opioid crisis – which apparently extends beyond the United States, as The Dunes executive explains in the report.

The National Herald caught up with Dr. Kardaras after he spoke to fellow addiction specialists at a university in Athens. Although he spoke on technology addiction during this scheduled appearance, Dr. Kardaras shifted gears when talking to The National Herald to add his insight into another prominent topic in his industry: opioid abuse and addiction.

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The U.S. Isn’t the Only Country Struggling with Opioids

In The National Herald article, Dr. Kardaras spoke extensively on the opioid crisis not only in the U.S., but in Greece as well – in addition to “the Greek-American community back in New York,” he said.

Addiction Substances Quote By Dr Kardaras - The Dunes East HamptonThe Dunes executive cited the following potential causes of Greece’s current opioid problems:

  • High unemployment
  • Economic instability
  • Proximity to major heroin (also an opioid) trafficking routes – in Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, etc.

He then went into the reasons why individuals of Greek descent are falling victim to opioid use in the U.S. These reasons include:

  • Cultural displacement
  • Being overworked
  • Excess stress
  • Not enough rest
  • Economic uncertainty

“Greek teens and millennials who have the same malaise and ‘failure to launch’ dynamics of many of their American counterparts have all contributed to their increased opioid addiction,” he told the Greek-American publication.

Possible Solutions

As far as solutions to the international opioid epidemic, Dr. Kardaras said we have to rethink the way we view addiction, how we treat it, and how we penalize people who are in possession of drugs.

“Addiction is less about the substances and more about a person’s need for the substances,” the nationally recognized addiction treatment expert said.

He added that the following types of factors can determine whether a person will succumb to opioid use:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Biological
  • Cultural

He concluded that those underlying factors must be addressed if there’s to be any hope of curbing the opioid crisis.

What to Do If Opioid Addiction Has Affected You

If you’re struggling with opioid addiction or if it’s harming a family member or friend, The Dunes East Hampton wants you to know that professional treatment can be the solution, and it’s the best course of action for the situation you’re in.

There’s no shame in seeking help. The person who comes out of treatment will undoubtedly be a more positive, healthy and clear-headed individual than the one who went in.

To learn how The Dunes East Hampton can craft a customized path to recovery for you or a loved one, give us a call anytime. Or, if you want to read about how we treat those who are addicted to opioids or other prescription drugs, click the button below.

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