Our Addiction Recovery Programs

Break the bad habits of your old life by immersing yourself in our supportive community while enjoying the full scale of our luxurious location and our boutique, customized inpatient treatment plans.
For those who may not need a full stay, our outpatient treatment program provides a means for you to be active in your day-to-day pursuits while you seek the treatment of our world-class programs.
In many ways, the most important aspect of your recovery is to maintain sobriety after you leave the comfort of The Dunes’s estate, and our aftercare recovery resources help you do just that.
If a loved one is struggling with breaking free from addiction, you can help them get started on the path to recovery by reaching out to us for the help of our professional interventionist.

Evidence-Based Drug and Alcohol Luxury Rehab

Our drug and alcohol treatment protocols follow the evidenced-based Syndrome Model of Addiction developed by our Senior Clinical Advisor, Dr. Howard Shaffer, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of the Division on Addictions at The Cambridge Health Alliance.

The Addiction Syndrome Model suggests that addiction has many expressions – such as alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, shopping or sex. Each expression of addiction is most effectively treated by blending a variety of holistic and clinical protocols accordingly. At The Dunes, we offer a complete array of recommended treatments and resources and we tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of the individual.

This unique approach requires a smaller, more intimate experience. We maintain a staff-to-client ratio of 3:1 to ensure that you are always well attended to and that your needs are met. Once participating in residential recovery at The Dunes, you become a permanent member of our community, as our commitment to you is life-long.