Do I Need Detox or Rehab

The Difference Between Detox and Rehab

The Dunes is a premier destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. At our exclusive center located in East Hampton, Long Island, we welcome our clients into a well-appointed facility with everything needed to fully recover in an environment designed to cater to the personal needs of each individual.

Making the decision to get free from the grip of a substance habit is a brave and courageous decision, and for it, we applaud you. There are tried, true and established processes for reclaiming your life, and we can say with confidence that we’ll get you there when you make your way through the process with honesty and integrity.


Find Out How Our Clinical Substance Abuse Treatment Helps Maintain and Advance Your Recovery: 


Drug and Alcohol Detox to Get Sober

The first step towards sobriety is to rid your system of all traces of the substance. The time this takes depends on the substance you use(d), how much you used, and for how long you used it. This part of the process is known as detox – the process of ridding the body of the poisons and restoring both your brain and body to equilibrium.

Be aware that withdrawing from certain substances can be unpleasant and possibly even dangerous. Your system has a lot to cope with while your body and brain adjust to functioning without the drug.

The safest way to detox is in a dedicated center that has medical staff available 24/7 to deal with the side effects that may occur. Medical staff at these centers can prescribe alternative medication to help wean the body off the principal substance. These facilities are also equipped to handle a crisis in the case of a medical emergency. There are no set rules on how long detoxification will take – It varies from person to person, but most detox side effects will peak in under a week.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab to Get Better

At the point when there are no longer any traces of the substance in your system, it is said that you have completed the detox element of the recovery process. At this time, you are now ready to begin the rehabilitation portion of your road to wellness. At The Dunes East Hampton Treatment Center, you will engage in a series of therapies which are tailored to your personal needs. Therapies may include physical and psychological evaluation as well as an understanding of behavior focused protocols.

Our goal at The Dunes is to develop a treatment plan which makes sense for you and is appropriate for your circumstances. Some in rehab respond well to emotional education, others require therapies that are much more physical. In our luxurious retreat, you will learn what your triggers are and how to manage them once back out in the real world and facing real temptation. At The Dunes, you will break the cycle of substance abuse and learn how to avoid falling back to old habits.

It’s time to beat the substance abuse problem once and for all… and you can succeed with the support of The Dunes’ team of committed and experienced professionals to help you.