Meth is a brutal hijacker. It takes control of your brain, mercilessly robbing you of the ability to find pleasure in anything other than the drug itself. Many people report that the high they received from their first hit of meth was infinitely greater than any joy or stimulation they had ever felt. For many, the siren call of meth is impossible to resist after this experience. Without professional crystal meth rehab, their lives can quickly spin out of control.

The Toll Meth Takes

woman talks to therapist about meth addiction treatmentLike other drugs such as cocaine, the euphoric effect of meth happens because the drug forces your brain to produce higher than normal amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that rewards you with a heady sensation of pleasure. This same substance is released in the brains of marathon athletes, who describe it as a “runner’s high.” The difference between meth and other amphetamines, however, is that it makes your brain pump out even higher amounts of dopamine. Over time, meth ravages the dopamine receptors in your brain. Eventually, the only way you can feel any sort of pleasure is by using increasingly high amounts of meth.

Before long, you’re on an endless hamster wheel, spending most or all of your time and energy either getting high or obtaining more meth. As a result, professional obligations, relationships, finances and responsibilities lose their importance. Meanwhile, the drug is rewiring the pathways of your brain and your physical health is suffering. Meth addiction treatment is crucial to living a normal life again.

Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction

If you or someone you love has a meth problem, you’ll begin to notice some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Weight loss
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Higher body temperature
  • Sores on the skin from injecting
  • Problems with breaking teeth and bones
  • Lower sex drive
  • Behaviors such as paranoia, isolation and wild mood swings

If your substance use disorder is severe, crystal meth addiction treatment will need to first involve a medically supervised detox to purify your body from the poisonous effects of the drug. Only then can the real work of lasting recovery begin.

How The Dunes of East Hampton Can Help with Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth use creates a wide path of destruction throughout all aspects of your life. For that reason, optimal meth addiction treatment takes place in a harmonious and secluded environment away from stress and temptations. You’re already feeling more than enough guilt, shame, and regret. For that reason, you should also do the work of recovery in a place where the staff treats you with dignity and respect and care for your body, mind, and spirit.

Tucked away on a secluded estate, The Dunes of East Hampton, Long Island NY (not far from NYC) offers all of these advantages and much more. The only things that rival the restfulness and respect you’ll find here are the quality of our substance disorder treatment therapies. Our luxury accommodations are will make your stay with us as comfortable and conducive to recovery as possible.

Because everyone is unique, we’ll take time to get to know you and your history in order to customize the best treatment plan for you. However, it will probably include some or most of the following:

  • Close consultation with our medical staff to determine the best way to detoxify your body from methamphetamine
  • Inpatient program allowing you to focus on the sources and triggers of your substance disorder through individual and group counseling
  • Numerous opportunities for physical and spiritual enrichment through meditation, yoga, equestrian therapy, energy medicine and physical fitness
  • Program for executives and other professionals enabling them to remain in contact with work and colleagues while still receiving treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Follow-up services to promote relapse prevention and stable, healthy relationships

Although meth may be terrorizing your life, The Dunes can provide you with the support and tools you need to free yourself from this violent hijacker once and for all. But only you can take that first step. Call our caring meth addiction treatment counselors today at 877-818-5539 and get on the road toward true healing.