Nassau County Long Island

Addiction is a widespread problem that affects people, families and communities all across the United States. Though the situation may seem bleak, it is important to remember that hope and promise are all within reach. If you or your loved one are seeking addiction treatment options in North Nassau County on Long Island, the staff at The Dunes East Hampton is ready and waiting to support you from start to finish – from the early days or recovery through the milestones you can achieve.

The Dunes boasts luxury rehabilitation facilities on a private, estate-like property for residents of Kings Point, Port Washington, Baxter Estates and other communities in the area including but not limited to:

  • Manorhaven
  • Locust Valley
  • Lattingtown
  • Great Neck
  • Flower Hill
  • Saddle Rock
  • Glen Cove
  • Oyster Bay Cove
  • Bayville

The addiction treatment specialists at The Dunes East Hampton collectively boast more than 350 years of sobriety – and that depth of experience and empathy can goes a long way. Anyone seeking addiction help on Long Island’s north coast can expect strong staff-to-client relationships with mutual respect, acceptance, trust and honesty.

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Individualized Rehab Services Offered at The Dunes of Long Island

Just as no two people are the same, The Dunes recognizes that no two recoveries are the same. The people, places and things that influence addictive behaviors are what make us unique. All addiction treatment programs are specifically designed to fit the needs of every individual. Treatment models at The Dunes are based on the following evidence-based components for a successful recovery:

  • Psychological evaluations
  • Physical evaluations
  • The Syndrome Model of Addiction
  • Behavior-focused protocols
  • Behavioral addiction treatment
  • Emotional education and therapy
  • Physical rejuvenation
  • Spiritual reawakening

Once you or your loved one is evaluated as a whole person, the staff at The Dunes can put together appropriate therapy options to maximize your experience and journey. Programs for addiction treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, pharmacotherapy, family therapies, and experiential therapies among others.

Long Island’s Premiere Provider of Private and Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

When we think of drug and alcohol addictions, our minds often immediately zero in on the physical damage done unto bodies. Just as important, however, is the damage done unto our spiritual selves. Holistic therapy is the answer to this sometimes overlooked need. Long Island residents seeking addiction treatment have a unique opportunity to access their spiritual awakening through yoga, meditation and other mindful practices focused on rebuilding a positive and peaceful state of being. The staff at The Dunes believe in the idea of a unified mind, body and spirit. When the spirit is strong, the body is strong and the mind is strong. All three of these elements are essential components for a sustained recovery.

The Dunes Intensive Outpatient Program: Evidence-Based Treatment Techniques

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to offer the structure and support needed for recovery without having to stay overnight, and The Dunes East Hampton’s IOP is absolutely no exception. This program is ideal if:

  • You or your loved one live close to the Hamptons, Nassau County Long Island or anywhere in NYC and you need drug or alcohol treatment services without requiring an overnight stay in a residential facility
  • You or your loved one are interested in the residential treatment program at The Dunes East Hampton but want to get a better sense of the options beyond the inpatient phase

Following-through is the key to maintaining success in recovery, and an IOP can help support you or your loved one as you begin establishing new routines and transitioning back into normal life.

Compassionate, Comfortable Care for Nassau County, NY Residents

Above all things, people who come to The Dunes for rehabilitation services can expect a compassionate environment designed to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The serene and beautiful scenery helps to reduce stress and promote positive thinking – which give you or your loved one the foundation needed to build a strong and sustainable recovery.

The Dunes East Hampton offers addiction treatment services on Long Island, New York.

Treatment facilities at The Dunes are convenient to residents of Long Island’s north coast – providing rehab services accessible to everyone from Saddle Rock to Cove Neck. The elegant, private facility is also located near all airports in the greater New York City area – making it a viable option for virtually anyone searching for addiction recovery services. Contact The Dunes East Hampton today to get the help you need and deserve.