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The Dunes East Hampton: Recovery Tools for Alumni

From the moment you walk in the doors at The Dunes East Hampton, our caring and compassionate addiction treatment specialists are thinking about the entirety of your recovery – from initial evaluation through graduation from our drug or alcohol treatment program and finally getting ready to take on a healthier and happier life.  Your treatment plan extends well beyond the up to 90 days you have spent with us. Reaching sobriety within our programs is a no small achievement – it is likely one of the biggest accomplishments of your life – but the real work begins outside.

Treatment is just the first stop on the way to the rest of your life. We are dedicated to helping ensure you stay sober and successful as your transition back to normal life. We offer a series of specially-designed tools and programs to help you every step of the way.

Weekly Alumni Meeting

When clients are immersed in our world-class treatment program, they experience several different levels of care – ranging from detoxification treatment to intense group and individual therapies. Once you leave our program you are suddenly handed a great deal of freedom, which many people in recovery find it difficult to adjust to. The Dunes East Hampton offers weekly meetings for our alumni to help give people space to share their stories, deal with the anxiety and fear they may be experiencing, or just to have a place to go to spend time with other sober people.

The benefits of The Dunes’ weekly alumni meetings include:

  • A sense of community between the alumni, as they are all experiencing the same struggles and victories
  • Maintaining a connection with peers that have gone through the same treatment program
  • Finding the fun in sobriety through activities and outings often planned during these meetings
  • A smoother transition back into everyday life
  • Flexibility in how and when alumni are able to make it to meetings to get any support they need

The Dunes Sober Network

The Dunes Sober Network (DSN) is a program we offer to our clients to connect them with Dunes alumni to serve as support for more recent alumni who are still finding their footing on their recovery journey. Through DSN alumni can help clients by taking them to meetings, introducing them to new people in the sober community, and generally serving as support by lending an ear when needed.

As an Alumni, you have an opportunity to make a world of a difference in the lives of people who are starting out on their recovery path. If you want to help change someone’s life forever, we invite you to volunteer for DSN. Contact us today to learn more about the program and to get your instruction package and welcome gift.

Our staff is available any hour of the day or night to discuss your options and help you start your journey to recovery.

e-HabTM: The Dunes’ Digital Aftercare Program

The most important thing you will need to keep in mind during your continued and sustained sobriety is that the need for continuing care never takes a break. No weekends off, no holidays off, not even your birthday.

We understand that for many people, the ability to physically show up for treatment consistently week after week can become difficult. Caring for children, not having access to consistent transportation and work are all understandable reasons why you might not be able to make it. Fortunately, teletherapy can break down those barriers.

e-HabTM, The Dunes’ proprietary aftercare program, is a great option for alumni who need on-the-go continuing care in order to sustain success in their recovery. You can still have access to our top-notch addiction specialists long after you have graduated from one of our treatment programs. Our caring staff is available for consistent follow-up and providing ongoing guidance to help make sure your recovery is a long and healthy one.

Ongoing Support for Alumni

We understand that recovery is a lifelong journey that requires dedication and commitment each and every step of the way. Our doors are always open for our alumni, no matter where life takes them after they’ve completed one of our treatment programs. We offer dinners, host barbecues and are continually developing new and fun ways to engage our alumni and promote healthy, sober living.

The Dunes East Hampton is committed to being a lifelong partner for all our clients throughout their addiction recovery journey. Call us today to learn more about our signature treatment programs and our alumni offerings.