Luxury Rehab Center in New York

Residential Estate with Effective Recovery Options

When you select The Dunes East Hampton, you’re choosing a luxury rehab center that truly stands above the rest. We promise you the most comprehensive care possible in a serene and peaceful setting on Long Island, NY (not far from NYC). We are a luxury inpatient rehab center set on a private, estate-like property located in East Hampton, New York.

We have created an environment that makes our treatment optimally conducive to healing and sobriety. In addition to our breathtaking facility, and meticulously planned programming, we have a team of addiction treatment specialists at The Dunes that are at the top of their fields.

What Makes Our Estate So Special?

The secluded and lavish location of The Dunes Estate is so peaceful and quiet that one guest commented:
“It’s so quiet, you can hear it.”

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Our Luxury Rehab Center in New York Provides the Foundation for Recovery

Our Pristine Hamptons Location

The Hamptons are a world-renowned luxury destination. The magnificent stretch of long, sandy beaches perfectly blends with our elegant, resort-like facility to provide clients with the ultimate rehab experience.

You’ll take up temporary residence in an elegant building that resembles an impressive historic estate, not far from New York City. In short, you don’t have to sacrifice your current lifestyle when spending time at our treatment center.

Recover In the Lap of Luxury

In the living quarters of The Dunes East Hampton’s residential treatment center, clients find grand bedrooms with plush beds that elicit the ultimate night’s sleep. Each full-sized bathroom comes well-appointed, with everything you could need by our in-house laundry and housekeeping staff.

You’ll love relaxing, recovering and unwinding in your delightful bedroom. Likewise, the rest of the facility will inspire you with our elegant decoration, large sunlight windows and opulent leather furniture. Whether you choose a private suite or shared living situation, you’ll be blown away with the level of comfort, serenity and security you receive.

Nourishing and Healing Meals

Nutrition during the drug and alcohol recovery process plays a major factor in the body and mind’s ability to recover healthfully and safely. Our chef, working with our accredited nutritionist and dietician, prepares portions that are ample and nourishing, yet imaginative and sophisticated.

Our clients feel like they’re eating at a five-star restaurant when dining on the gourmet meals we prepare. Sophisticated dishes (inspired by Italian, French, Spanish, Asian and Pan Asian kitchens) are accompanied by appetizers and desserts, which are both visually appealing and delicious.

Our cuisine is an essential ingredient and a tangible reward to our clients (at least three times a day) for giving up mood-altering substances and choosing recovery.

Always Promote Relaxation

The unique blend of country living and sophistication is something you can’t find anywhere else. Nothing else quite evokes the feeling of relaxation like rolling fields, Long Island seaside bluffs, bays and inlets, and the Atlantic Ocean like our estate offers.

Sunshine, water, rest, sea air, exercise and diet are combined in a manner to support our clients’ journeys back to health during their stay. We believe a relaxed and comfortable client has the best frame of mind to take advantage of the programs that they are going to undertake during their stay with us.

The first few days spent at The Dunes are dedicated to having the individual relax while feeling safe, secure, comfortable and cared for. Our beloved clients have access to various holistic therapies – such as yoga, meditation, massages and nature walks – for the duration of their stay.

Comforting and Compassionate Staff

Helping a client feel relaxed and secure in our safe and comfortable facility is an effective way to ease clients away from their busy lives and to reduce stress and anxiety.

Upon entering The Dunes, clients are immediately put at ease by the comfortable and luxurious locale. At our residential treatment facility, members of The Dunes’ staff will warmly welcome each individual.

The high ratio of staff to clients at The Dunes enables us to be rigorous in our clinical work and set a structured and disciplined agenda of daily activities to create a highly individualized experience for our clients.

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“The people, the surrounding, the program, the accommodations, all get 10 out of 10”
— M.C.
“I am eternally grateful to you and your tremendous staff”
— A.S.
“My experience at this facility saved my life”
— K.L.
“I could not have done this without them”
— M.
“I owe a debt of thanks and gratitude beyond measure to the Dunes”
— JR
“The Dunes came into our lives at the right time”
— R.S.
“Thanks for giving me my life back. I’m so happy!”
— D.M.

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Your Safety and Privacy Are Our Priority

Security and privacy are major concerns for many of our high-profile clients at The Dunes East Hampton. Because of this need, our addiction treatment facility is located on a private, gated luxury estate in a secluded wooded area, complete with a perimeter security fence. You can truly unwind and forget the rest of the stressful world exists.The Dunes is not visible from any public area. We have rigorous policies and practices in place to ensure our client’s privacy at all times.

A major factor in helping our clients feel safe at The Dunes luxury drug rehab facility is our policy to maintain anonymity. This is essential to help clients feel comfortable and protected as they start on their road to recovery. That way, our clients can focus on recovery instead of their outside lives.

Occasionally, a client may need access to conduct urgent matters of business. In such a case, the Dunes’ management will make arrangements to use our off-site conference facility, which resembles an upscale office, while still maintaining the privacy afforded to our recovering clients.

We require staff members to sign a confidentiality and trade secret non-disclosure agreement that binds them to protect all client information during and after they are employed at the Dunes. Your privacy and confidentially will be maintained before, during and after your stay.

Our quiet sanctuary for healing and recovery is possible because clients are free from distractions that can undermine the recovery process. High-profile clients can rest assured they will not have the details of their stay at The Dunes ever released to the public or press.