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About The Dunes: Our Luxury Rehab Center

We Have First-Hand Experience with Addiction

The Dunes Luxury Rehab Center on Long Island is proud to offer a staff that has personal experience with addiction

The Dunes East Hampton staff has more than 350 years of collective sobriety. Our management and clinical staff members know, from their own experience, the fears, anxieties and resistance that drug and alcohol addicts face when confronted with having to go into a recovery facility.

The Dunes addiction treatment specialists fully understand the rationalizations that keep addicts from getting well and healthy. We also know how those first days and weeks of withdrawal affect the addicted individual. This knowledge allows us to effectively support them during the critical early days of recovery.

At The Dunes on Long Island, clients benefit from our staff’s ability to empathetically relate to their experiences, having successfully coped with their own addictions. This ability to connect is the core of our strong staff-to-client relationship. It is an essential quality necessary to foster a rapport between clients and their clinicians, counselors and advocates and achieve an environment of acceptance, trust and honesty.


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The Power of Example Brings Hope Alive

We have found that clients recognize the sobriety our staff members enjoy and develop a sense of hope for themselves. Hope starts replacing the desperation, fears and denial that are so pervasive with addicts who are entering a recovery experience. With hope comes client open-mindedness and willingness to find solutions to their problems. The Dunes staff can then help clients quickly begin their path to recovery, and towards a full and satisfying addiction-free life.

Staff members know, from personal experience with recovery, the thoughts and triggers that tempt someone to relapse. They can share their own success as they deal with these same instances with clients. The “Power of Example” set by our staffers is the key that opens the door to enable our clients to benefit from the unique clinical protocols that Dr. Howard J. Shaffer has created for The Dunes East Hampton.

Our Addiction Recovery Program and Facility

The Dunes offers a unique, comprehensive program of drug and alcohol addiction recovery care on a beautiful estate in East Hampton, New York. Our elegant private facility, located on the fabled East End of Long Island, is near all of greater NYC major airports and is easily accessible from New York City and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Dr. Shaffer works directly with our clients and he often uncovers the very issue that is blocking their progress. Doing this allows him to help them achieve a lasting recovery and lead happier lives. He also trains and advises our professional staff on the latest treatment protocols while encouraging them to provide such treatment with love and care.

Spirituality often helps alcoholics and substance addicts find hope and it can be useful in developing a strong recovery. With the help of our spiritual counselor, interested clients are offered the opportunity to develop and improve this component. They will be introduced to a range of classic practices, such as meditation and personal reflection.

For all clients we create a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan based on a thorough physical and psychological appraisal directed by Dr. Shaffer. Individual attention is the cornerstone of addiction treatment at The Dunes, so each client sees his or her counselor three times a week – and even more if the team or client finds it necessary. Treatment plans are reviewed and updated by the clinical team and the client every week, and the results are truly collaborative and fruitful.

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