Creation of The Dunes Recovery Center

The Dunes Mission Drug Rehab

We Saw the Desperate Need for Help from Family and Friends of Addicts

In my social circle in New York City and The Hamptons friends often consult with me concerning those in need of help conquering addiction problems. In 2007 a woman called me about her boss who was addicted to alcohol and cocaine and in a desperate frame of mind.

After a few phone calls we met. He was in bad shape and burning bridges faster than they could be built. Addiction, a “take no prisoners” condition, will ultimately destroy almost anyone who tries to fight it and recover on their own.

He said he wanted to get into a rehab, so I arranged for a bed at a “high end” recovery facility in California. Later when we met at his place he didn’t want to go to the airport. Worried about him, and annoyed at myself, this frustrating experience underscored the crying need for a really great recovery facility convenient to the New York City metropolitan area. Today, it is a humbling experience to see this need being filled by The Dunes East Hampton being open and admitting clients.

How The Dunes Treatment Center Became Superior

The Dunes is organized to exceed the “Best Practices” other recovery programs offer. To achieve this we went to Harvard University Medical School to have Dr. Howard J. Shaffer create our unique clinical protocols and train and advise our staff. We then put a group of very capable, professional men and women on our staff, or contracted with them as formal advisors. Finally, the private estate where The Dunes is now situated was identified and transformed into the east coast’s premier addiction recovery facility.

To learn more about what makes The Dunes the outstanding recovery center on the east coast please take a few moments and visit different areas of this web site. In keeping with our “be the best” philosophy The Dunes is committed to being a good citizen of our community; offering aid for local clients, including Scholarship Beds.

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Convenient and Luxury Treatment Center All in One

Luxury Treatment CenterThe Dunes’ time has arrived. New Yorkers’ and Mid-Atlantic residents’ inability to receive comprehensive recovery care, in an estate-like setting in the tri-state area, underlines that there is a great need for The Dunes. The Dunes’ convenient location helps family members save precious time and money on travel, making it easier for them to participate in their family member’s recovery process.

Individualized Recovery Center

At The Dunes we strictly limit the number of clients we will work with and we try to maintain a favorable staff-to-client ratio of 3 to 1. By doing this we are able to individualize our recovery plans, and provide strong support and programs when the time comes for a client to leave. The Dunes team is committed to our clients achieving long term recoveries and leading happy, content lives with their families, business associates, neighbors and friends.

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It is a privilege to lead The Dunes organization because it truly embodies the best practices, recovery protocols, and estate style quality the east coast so sorely needs. That’s why, with the arrival of The Dunes, we like to say: The Dunes East Hampton —Where The Solution Begins!

Joe McKinsey

Founder, The Dunes East Hampton