Addiction Recovery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab FAQ

The Dunes East Hampton Drug Rehab and Addiction Recovery Center understands that making the decision to enter into an addiction recovery program should be an informed decision. We work to provide our prospective guests with as much information as possible regarding treatment programs, insurance and payment options, drug recovery program durations, statistics, basic health related information. We are committed to answering any questions regarding the drug and alcohol rehab process, as well as questions specific to The Dunes Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility located in East Hampton, NY.

See our list of frequently asked drug rehab questions below, or call us to speak with our alcohol and drug recovery counselors now at

How Does The Dunes Treat the Addictive Behavior of Drug and Alcohol Addicts?

The Dunes Behavior-Focused Protocols are carefully designed to seek out, identify, and replace dysfunctional habitual responses with reasonable, mindful solutions. Our Addiction Counselors examine the triggers that encourage an addict to use drugs, examine their responses to these triggers, and then teach recovering addicts how to respond to these triggers in a positive and productive way, without the dangers of relapsing into addiction and abuse. Learn More about our Behavior-Focused Protocols>>

What is the Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Model?

The Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Model is a method of drug and alcohol addiction treatment that treats a recovering addict in every aspect of his/her life, offering emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment throughout the rehab process. The urge to use drugs can stem from diet, mentality, lack of exercise, and numerous other factors in daily lives, and we treat all of these factors in-order to give recovering addicts the tools to fight these triggers and urges for lifelong sobriety. Learn More about How We Provide Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Nourishment >>

How Does The Dunes Treat Addiction Psychologically?

Addiction is not just a physical ailment, it is a psychological disease as well, this is why it is so important to not only treat physical withdrawals from drugs and alcohol but also to teach recovering addicts how to deal with the psychological effects of addiction, and how to prevent psychological factors from causing relapse.  Learn More about our Psychological and Physical Evaluations >>

Is Drug and Alcohol Addiction a True Disease?

We at The Dunes East Hampton believe in the Syndrome Model of Addiction, meaning that it is our philosophy that addiction is a single disorder, rather than addictions to different drugs being separate disorders. Recognizing addiction as a single complex disorder, with a variety of symptoms that vary from person to person, allows us to successfully treat addictions to a wide range of drugs and chemicals. Learn More about the Syndrome Model of Addiction >>

Do The Dunes East Hampton Treatment Programs Have Successful Addiction Recovery Rates?

We are proud to treat patients of addiction under our philosophy, models, and treatment styles; and we are confident that our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs DO save lives. Drug addiction recovery IS possible, and The Dunes addiction recovery programs offer a safe location and proven models to achieve a successful recovery. Read Testimonials from Successfully Rehabilitated Patients >>