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Benefits of Spiritual Counseling: Infographic

Many addiction rehab centers today are taking a holistic approach to treating their clients. This means focusing on each client’s physical, mental and spiritual health – not just the residual symptoms of previous substance use. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see spiritual counseling as a service offered in many addiction treatment programs.

What are the benefits of spiritual counseling within the drug and alcohol rehab process? Using our own knowledge on the subject as well as several peer-reviewed studies, we have put together the following helpful infographic. The image also contains several tips on how to begin the healing process in a spiritual way.

Spiritual counseling within a structured rehab program certainly gives the client a better chance of long-term recovery. The counseling doesn’t have to be geared toward any specific denomination or religion. It’s about putting one’s faith in a higher power and seeking guidance during the arduous journey of overcoming addiction.

At The Dunes, we place an emphasis on spiritual counseling to help our clients – although the service isn’t mandatory. We invite you to learn more about our holistic treatment program, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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Benefits of Spiritual Counseling - The Dunes East Hampton

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