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Interesting Facts About Addiction: Infographic

Depending on how the topic of drug use and drug addiction treatment comes up in news reports and everyday conversations, you may either perceive it to be a bigger or smaller problem than it really is. To help give you a more accurate idea of the scope of drug and alcohol addiction, we’ve combed through reports from various government agencies to create the following helpful infographic on the facts about addiction. It touches on facts about addiction in general to specific drugs such as opioids and marijuana. At the end of the infographic, we’ve broken down a few facts about addiction specific to the U.S. and then to New York – our home state.

Please help us spread awareness of the prevalence of substance use and addiction by using the embed code at the bottom to add this “facts about addiction” infographic to your website, or you can share this page or the image itself to your social media accounts. If you have any questions on how substance abuse treatment works or you know someone who needs help, don’t hesitate to Contact The Dunes East Hampton.

Interesting Facts About Addiction - National And New York Stats

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