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At The Dunes East Hampton, we understand that the pain of addiction is not felt by the addict alone, but also by the family and friends who love and care about them. While you may hope that the addict in your life will come to understand the harm their substance abuse is causing, they will usually deny that a problem exists at all. In these cases, staging an addiction intervention might be the only way to help them come to terms with their addiction and seek treatment.


The Purpose of an Addiction Intervention

Now, many people have a mistaken understanding of what an intervention entails. The goal of an intervention is not to place blame and air grievances. Rather, it’s to help convince addicts that they need treatment, and that the intervening group cares enough about them to make sure they get it. Because substance abuse often includes considerable emotional pain, an intervention can be an extremely difficult experience, both for you and the addict. But in order to be effective, the focus must remain on convincing the struggling individual to seek help.


If You Need Help Staging an Addiction Intervention for a Loved One, Call Us for Professional Guidance:

The Role of Professional Interventionists

The guidance of a professional interventionist is often necessary in order to hold a successful intervention. An experienced interventionist will know how to navigate the intervention group through this highly emotional process. And because they serve as a neutral third party, interventionists can help the group stay focused on getting treatment for the addict.

Seeking the help of an interventionist also provides an opportunity for the entire group to learn more about the emotional and physical symptoms of addiction, and why the individual has been unable to achieve recovery on his or her own.

At The Dunes East Hampton, we work closely with expert interventionists as part of the rehabilitation process. We understand how powerful a successful intervention can be in laying the foundation for lasting recovery.

We also know that everyone’s situation is unique, which is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to the intervention process. Whether you decide to hold the intervention at your home or at our facility in East Hampton, New York, we will work together with your family to help your loved one get the treatment he or she needs.


Taking the First Step

It takes courage to make the first move toward helping someone overcome addiction. No one can say for sure how a substance abuser will react to being confronted. Also, being so vulnerable with your feelings is inherently frightening to anyone. But by being proactive, you can help the struggling loved one in your life begin the process of healing.

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