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Behavioral Therapy

Substance abuse treatment takes several forms. Therapists help people understand the issues that contributed to their addiction. They also provide effective skills and strategies to help their clients make better choices in the future. Many professionals consider behavioral therapy an essential part of a rehab program.

What Is Behavioral Therapy?

people jumping for joy on the beach as a result of behavioral therapyA lot of people fall into drug or alcohol abuse because they have a hard time dealing with negative thoughts and feelings. They may use to make themselves feel better. If they’ve buried some painful events from their history, they find it easier to drink or use instead of facing the past. This pain relief, however, is only temporary. They have to continue using to feel the same effects, and that’s where dependency starts.

Anyone who struggles with substance use disorder often makes poor choices. They’ll do this in spite of suffering negative consequences, which is actually a symptom of addiction.

Behavioral therapy teaches positive, productive behaviors or thoughts to replace negative ones. Naturally, this isn’t something that happens overnight. After all, addiction doesn’t happen that quickly.

Just as it takes time to develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol, it will take time to overcome it. Recovery is possible. Although it takes work, your future is worth it.

In rehab and recovery, you’ll attend regular counseling sessions. Common types of behavioral therapy include:

  • Cognitive
  • Dialectical
  • Motivational

A qualified professional can determine which type, or types, will work best for you.

Some types of therapy include negative consequences for actions, which is rarely effective. It often doesn’t allow a person to fully explore their emotions. Many counselors are more interested in helping people practice self-honesty. This is almost always a more effective approach for long-term sobriety.

“The people, the surrounding, the program, the accommodations, all get 10 out of 10”
— M.C.
“I am eternally grateful to you and your tremendous staff”
— A.S.
“My experience at this facility saved my life”
— K.L.
“I could not have done this without them”
— M.
“I owe a debt of thanks and gratitude beyond measure to the Dunes”
— JR
“The Dunes came into our lives at the right time”
— R.S.
“Thanks for giving me my life back. I’m so happy!”
— D.M.

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Can This Work for You?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very common in treating substance use disorders. You’ll focus heavily on your thoughts and emotions. You can’t control what happens around you, but you can control how you feel about it.

Instead of finding a rewarding experience in using drugs or drinking, you’ll learn to seek out rewards from productive behavior.

Therapists use this approach so often because it’s effective. Be prepared to face some difficult truths. As hard as it can be, it’s necessary. Once you uncover the deep-seated issues that contributed to your dependency, you can then deal with them. You’ll be able to move on.

In a successful recovery, you won’t forget about your past. However, you also won’t allow your feelings about it to influence your behavior in negative ways. When you face stressful situations, you’ll be able to cope in a positive, healthy manner.

Begin Your Recovery at Our Luxury Rehab Facility

At The Dunes of East Hampton, you can begin recovery in a luxury environment that places a premium on your comfort and privacy. Our upscale clientele appreciates the discretion and confidentiality we offer.

Experience rehab with accommodations that you’re used to, such as:

  • Massage therapy
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry services
  • Beauty treatments
  • Outdoor activities

Residents can stay in private or semi-private rooms. You’ll enjoy immaculate surroundings and delicious meals prepared by our on-staff chef.

Our behavioral addiction treatment will help you change your way of thinking about yourself. You’ll learn to replace negative emotions with positive ones in order to encourage healing.

The time to seek treatment for your drug or alcohol dependency is now. Our admissions team answers calls 24/7, so call us at 877-818-5539 today. We’ll help you get on the path to recovery.

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