Therapy is a big part of rehab programs. However, some therapies offer more benefits than others. An example of such a program is family therapy. Discover more about family therapy to see how it could benefit you.

What Is Family Therapy?

family on the beach benefits from Family TherapyIn many ways, family therapy or counseling is a lot like group therapy. Instead of other people with substance use disorder joining in, though, family members join the sessions.

During family counseling, the therapist usually lets close family members participate. Moms, dads, brothers, and sisters are usually present. However, the therapist cares less about how two people know each other and more about their bond.

For example, grandparents, aunts, and uncles may join family counseling. Because of availability, sometimes family members can’t make it. In such situations, close family friends may have a chance to participate.

Benefits of Family Counseling

Family counseling offers a number of benefits for people who suffer from addiction. Therapists get an up-close look at the family dynamic. Drug use often stems from interactions and relationships within the family. It’s important to get to the root cause of these triggers through family counseling.

Therapists also use family counseling to educate people about drug addiction. Family members typically assume that addiction is a lifestyle choice. In actuality, it’s a mental disorder that requires professional help. Getting family members to understand this mental disorder is the first step in repairing broken communication.

Counselors do their best to improve how family members communicate during therapy. They want to understand how the family functions as a whole. After observing them, they can set goals to work toward. These goals typically revolve around solving challenges within the family itself.

What Are Some Ways That Family Counseling Helps?

Family therapy helps people on a number of levels. It not only helps the person with the substance abuse problem but also the other family members. Some ways that family counseling helps families include:

  • Resolving specific issues
  • Addressing each member’s role
  • Rebuilding lines of communication
  • Setting goals for the family to reach together
  • Identifying recurring problems

Family Counseling Makes a Great Addition to Rehab

Family counseling is an ideal treatment for nearly any addiction rehab program. However, it can’t replace all types of therapy. Most rehab programs require people to participate in a mix of therapies. For example, they may use individual, group and family counseling during treatment.

There’s no magic balance of therapies that work for everyone. The best rehab centers create a custom treatment plan for each of their clients. The unique plan addresses the individual needs of each guest.

Let The Dunes of East Hampton Help You Overcome Addiction

At The Dunes of East Hampton, we treat all of our residents with the care and respect that they deserve. Beyond helping our residents overcome addiction, we pride ourselves in offering an amenity-rich atmosphere. For example, all of our residents have access to fabulous meals, housekeeping, and marble bathrooms.

We create custom treatment plans for each of our guests. Our goal is to address our clients’ personal needs. Some programs that we offer include:

Along with family resources, we offer several holistic features. Acupuncture, yoga, and meditation are a few of the services that our residents can enjoy. All of these programs help reduce stress and anxiety.

Don’t wait to get the help that you need. Count on The Dunes of East Hampton when you want a rehab center that puts quality and your well-being first. Call us today at 877-818-5539 for more information.