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Equine Therapy

Prepare for Life’s Responsibilities Again with Equine Therapy

The Dunes East Hampton believes in a holistic approach to addiction treatment, because every individual has a deep, underlying connection to the world around them. Without a holistic approach, a person striving to overcome their addiction can often feel unprepared to go back to his or her life after addiction treatment, because sobriety is so much more than going through detox, counseling and a 12-step program. The Dunes is an alcohol and drug rehab center with equine therapy as one of its various holistic therapy programs. We are located in East Hampton, NY, which provides a perfect environment for equine therapy.


What Is Equine Therapy?

An equine therapy program is a therapeutic program using horses. It was originally used as an activity to help people with physical disabilities, as the gentle rhythm of riding horses mimicked the rhythm of the human gait. However, the uses of equine therapy expanded as it was shown to be effective in various other types of rehabilitation.

Those who are attempting to recover from drug or alcohol addiction report many life-changing benefits after working closely with horses in an equine program. People who struggle with letting themselves become emotionally vulnerable with others will particularly benefit from an equine therapy program. These creatures won’t judge the person for past mistakes and shortcomings, which is why equine therapy is such a powerful addition to the inpatient treatment program at The Dunes.


Equine Therapy May Help You Break Your Addiction
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The Benefits of Equine Assisted Rehab Programs

Many recovering addicts benefit greatly from including equine therapy in their rehabilitation process. Interacting with horses can profoundly shift the way clients view their relationships with others. It can also help each client better process thoughts and emotions.

Equine therapy helps clients reconnect with their deeper selves and overcome psychological hurdles that led to substance abuse. The horse-client experience serves as a metaphor for how humans feel and react in real situations.

When an individual begins an equine therapy program as a part of their drug or alcohol rehab, their relationship with the horse is a blank slate. A horse knows nothing about the individual, and has no pre-conceived judgments about him or her. The horse doesn’t care about what life the individual has lived. But, as a horse responds to the care and attention it is given, the individual begins to see the effects that they can have on others. This can be very enlightening to a person struggling with addiction.

Equine therapy programs give individuals the opportunity to take care of a horse. This interaction helps them regain a sense of responsibility, which is essential to overcoming any type of addiction. Nurturing another living creature is both soothing and fulfilling. As the horse is cared for, it responds to that care. A bond is created that builds love and trust.

For many people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, this can be a new experience – one that helps create a greater level of patience, self-esteem and confidence. Often, where other methods of treatment have failed, equine therapy has shown to be beneficial.


What to Expect in a Rehab Center with Equine Therapy

Equine therapy programs are just a part of the exceptional overall drug and alcohol addiction treatment at The Dunes East Hampton. While time is spent every day caring for the horse, an individual that enters our addiction treatment center can participate in other holistic treatment therapies, and will also receive all of the professional and medical treatment that one could expect from a residential addiction treatment facility.

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