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Inpatient Rehab

It’s time to get help for your dependency on drugs or alcohol. Whether it’s prescription medication or illegal substances, they’re taking their toll on your health and your relationships. Before your substance abuse goes any further and causes more damage, seek out a qualified treatment center. Inpatient rehab could save your life.

Do You Need Help?

It can be difficult to recognize dependency. If you’ve developed an addiction to pain pills that your doctor prescribed, how did the problem start? In some cases, people become dependent on drugs even when they take them as their doctor directs. Some medications are extremely addictive and it’s all too easy to build up a tolerance.

Maybe you work a high-stress job and drinking is the only way you can relax. You’ve noticed you have to drink more and more to feel the same effects. You’re worried your drinking is getting out of hand as you watch close relationships suffer.

Have you tried to stop drinking or using a drug and been unable to do it? Do you “doctor shop” because your physician will no longer prescribe a medication for you? Have you suffered legal, employment, or family problems due to your substance abuse? If so, help is available.

What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab

Many people begin their recovery in an inpatient rehab program. Each facility is different. Some treatment centers are very sparse, while others provide their residents with luxuries and comfortable accommodations.

What these facilities have in common is that they often offer inpatient treatment, where you live in the facility. Sometimes facilities call these residential rehab programs. The professionals who treat you will help you decide on a time frame, which could be anywhere from one month to three.

In residential rehab, you’ll go through detox, either there or at a partner facility. Once your body is clear of any addictive substances, you’ll begin the longer phase of recovery.

Therapy is a huge part of rehab. Expect to attend individual, group, and/or family counseling. This is when you get to the roots of your dependency. It can be tough facing these core issues because some of them are painful. However, it’s necessary for healing.

Your counselor will teach you important coping skills. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for relief, you’ll have other strategies to handle stress and your triggers.

Your rehab environment should be a substance-free zone. You may have amenities that make your stay more enjoyable. They can also motivate you during your recovery.

Maybe you forgot how fun life was. In rehab, you can rediscover that enjoyment, and get ready to live again.

Luxury Treatment for Substance Abuse

At The Dunes of East Hampton, you can experience recovery in luxury and seclusion. We designed our inpatient rehab program with your comfort in mind. You’ll have access to many of the accommodations that you’re used to, including housekeeping, laundry service, fitness therapy, massage, beauty treatments, and much more. Enjoy all of this in an immaculate, peaceful setting.

We’re nestled in a private location, so your confidentiality is assured. Our residents enjoy a great deal of personal attention, and we maintain a very small staff-to-client ratio. All of the medical professionals and staff commit to your care. Our top priority is your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our treatment programs include:

Don’t let substance abuse control you. Take control of your life with help from The Dunes of East Hampton. We’ll partner with you in recovery. Contact us at 877-818-5539.

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