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Comprehensive Long Term Drug Rehab in New York

Addiction Case Management Aftercare

e-Hab™ Expert Case Management Program and Continual Care

The Case Management Program and long term drug rehab at The Dunes prepares clients for the transition to living in recovery. After completing one of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, clients still have access to structured scheduling, 360-degree continual care and e-Hab™, a proprietary virtual treatment protocol, all provided by The Dunes Professionals. Our compassionate, accessible staff offers persistent follow-up and ongoing guidance to ensure a lasting recovery.

Leveraging the Syndrome Model of Addiction, The Dunes seeks to treat the core reasons for addiction unique to each individual. Our clinical staff employs a wide range of evidence-based protocols that target core emotional issues. Family and couples treatment augments clients’ recovery, and conservative pharmacotherapy allows the alleviation of clients’ symptoms while deeper emotional work takes place.

The treatment protocols at The Dunes are second to none, designed by Dr. Howard J. Shaffer of Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance’s Division on Addictions. After intensive evaluations, our clinical team collaborates with clients to draft tailored treatment plans with an emphasis on life-changing behavioral therapy and psycho-educational classes, ranging from understanding the disease of addiction to relapse prevention.


Stay Connected with The Dunes on an Outpatient Basis with e-Hab™

The most critical ingredient to continued and sustained sobriety is staying tethered to therapeutic continuing care. Research has shown that the longer a client is in some form of continuing care, the better the long-term outcomes.

Unfortunately, some clients have certain barriers to treatment that make attendance at traditional outpatient programs challenging. Those barriers include: transportation issues, child care, work constraints and scheduling issues. Teletherapy eliminates all of those barriers.

The Dunes’ digital aftercare program is a great option for sustaining your success in recovery long after graduating from one of our signature treatment programs.


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Clients’ Treatment Plans Extend Well Beyond the First 90 Days of Recovery

When clients are admitted to The Dunes, they embark on a physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey to sobriety in a deluxe estate setting, juxtaposed against the natural beauty of East Hampton. Once somebody has graduated from either an intensive outpatient or inpatient residential program with us, our long term drug and alcohol rehab programs ensure we will always be in touch, as our staff cares deeply about each client’s continued success in the recovery process.

After receiving an initial evaluation, each client is placed on a customized year-long plan, as directed by Dr. Shaffer and The Dunes staff. The plan may be adjusted based on the client’s progress while in our care for up to 90 days, and we will eventually build out their recovery plan to the five-year mark, for long after they have completed one of our treatment programs. Dr. Shaffer’s studies show that relapses are more likely in the five-year window and that it takes that long for a former addict to become fully stabilized.

Our Doors Stay Open for Long Term Drug Rehab

The Dunes functions as an extended care facility and always keeps its doors open to graduates of our addiction treatment programs. We have the resources to drive anybody within a 150-mile radius to our Southeast New York location. We also hold alumni breakfasts on Saturdays – where The Dunes graduates can come and talk about their experiences with our current residents – and we have off-site meeting locations in the area that are open to former clients.

The Dunes East Hampton is a lifelong partner in each client’s addiction recovery journey, and we are continually ready to provide them with extended care rehab guidance and advice, no matter where life takes them after they have completed their time in one of our exclusive, revolutionary treatment programs.

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