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Relapse Prevention

One of the least publicized symptoms of substance disorder is the likelihood that the person who lives with it will, at some time or another and often more than once, slip back into their old behaviors. That is why relapse prevention needs to be one of the main foundations of a person’s ongoing treatment. Learning about relapse and why it happens so often is the first step toward dealing with it and promoting a stable recovery.

A Word About Origins

The roots of substance abuse disorder almost always stem from pain and the person’s attempt to avoid it. As time goes by, you need more and more of your substance of choice in order to get the same result. You spend your days thinking about the substance, craving the feelings it gives and planning how and when to obtain more. As you begin to occupy all your time with these preoccupations, other parts of your life suffer.

You may damage your relationships, see your finances collapse, watch your work or school life go down the drain or suffer trouble with the law. Eventually, you make the decision to stop your substance use once and for all. Ideally, you receive help from professionals who understand and deal with substance abuse disorders and to teach relapse prevention strategies. Even in the best case scenarios, relapse can still occur.

Why You Need Relapse Prevention

Keep in mind that relief from pain is at the core of most substance abuse disorders. Then think about your experience after you took steps to become clean and sober. While you may have felt balanced and on course while you were in treatment, the story probably changed once you were out on your own. Perhaps you experienced one of the following relapse triggers:

A very high percentage of people return to their former abusive behaviors, especially during the first year of sobriety. For that reason, relapse prevention is a necessity.

When you relapse, it’s very tempting to give up on yourself. If your substance disorder could speak, it would whisper dire predictions into your ear such as, “A worthless person like you can never stay sober. Give up trying to stay clean.” Don’t wait for that whisper to become a scream. Entrust your healing to The Dunes Addiction Recovery Rehab in East Hampton, NY.

Getting the Help You Need at The Dunes East Hampton

Tucked away on a secluded East Hampton estate, we’re committed to providing each of our residents with the compassionate, holistic care they need to overcome substance abuse disorders of all types.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice what sets us above other addiction therapy centers. We’ll tailor your treatment program specifically to your unique needs, with an emphasis on luxury and holistic healing for your mind, body, and spirit. We offer the following top-tier addiction therapy services to our residents:

Executive program specifically designed to meet the needs of busy professionals

At The Dunes, we treat your reliance on alcohol or drugs with a comprehensive blend of clinical and holistic strategies. Recover in our breathtaking setting with the focused attention of our highly trained, empathetic staff. Give yourself a real chance at lasting recovery by taking the first step today. Call our caring substance abuse counselors at 877-818-5539.

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