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Siblings of Addiction, Speaking Out from the Silence

Siblings Of Addiction Speaking Out From Silence - The Dunes East Hampton

Substance abuse typically wreaks havoc among families in several ways. Children may endure abuse and neglect at the hands of alcoholic parents. Parents may suffer seeing their children fall into addiction. Siblings endure substance abuse from different perspectives, and being stuck in such a situation can have drastic consequences. At The Dunes East Hampton, we […]

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Drugs, Addiction, Overdose and Threats in New Jersey in 2017

Drugs Addiction Overdose Threats New Jersey 2017 - The Dunes

The ongoing opioid crisis in the United States has spurred numerous legislative measures, advocacy programs, increased public awareness over the issue, and many unconventional tactics to curb the growing number of overdose deaths in the country. Some states have felt the effects of the opioid crisis more acutely than others, and every state has unique […]

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A State of Emergency: New Hampshire Opioid Overdose Crisis

New Hampshire Opioid Overdoses State Lacking Addiction Treatment Infrastructure - The Dunes

People are dying. If the scourge hasn’t touched your family yet, it likely will, in some way. Vast and escalating numbers of overdose deaths related to opioids are occurring, and many people say their prescriptions are what started their behavior to seek out other painkillers. But when you think of New Hampshire, are opioids what […]

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Why the World Needs More Activists Like Carrie Fisher

World Needs More Activists Like Carrie Fisher - The Dunes East Hampton

When the news broke that Carrie Fisher had drugs in her system when she died, some people were quick to jump to the conclusion that this was just another tragic example of a celebrity’s life gone too soon by addiction. But the world needs more activists like Carrie Fisher. Why? She wasn’t your typical Hollywood […]

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What Causes Addiction? Understanding the Many Possibilities

What Causes Addiction Understanding the Many Possibilities - The Dunes East Hampton

No one aspires to become addicted. Addiction happens as the result of other factors in a person’s life that go unresolved. Substance use starts out as a temporary solution, and then becomes a problem in and of itself. In fact, even when deep into the grips of addiction, a person is often oblivious to the […]

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