Is Daily Drinking Really a Problem?

Is Daily Drinking Really A Problem - The Dunes East HamptonAt The Dunes East Hampton, we understand that many Americans partake in alcohol consumption during social events, holiday gatherings or privately to unwind after stressful days.

Daily drinking may not seem like a dangerous habit when an individual only consumes one alcoholic beverage per day, but the truth is that long-term daily drinking may have similar effects to binge drinking disorders.

Any Pattern of Alcohol Abuse Is Dangerous

Although it would seem reasonable to assume that intermittent alcohol use would have less destructive effects than consistent binge drinking, the truth is that any pattern of alcohol abuse can have disastrous effects over time.

While a routine of drinking a single alcoholic drink per day may not be as immediately damaging as consistent binge drinking, a daily drinking routine still increases the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder.

Scientific Findings: One Drink Daily May Be Just as Dangerous as Intermittent Binge Drinking

Scientific Findings One Drink Daily As Dangerous As Intermittent Binge Drinking

Findings from the Research Society on Alcoholism indicate those who consume just one drink per day face a similar risk of developing an alcohol use disorder as individuals who binge drink on an intermittent or occasional basis.

The study concluded that while binge drinking on a consistent basis increases the risk of alcohol use disorders more rapidly, long-term consumption of just one drink per day increases the risk by a similar amount over time.

In the long run, there is no pattern of alcohol use that is “safer” than another.

Physical Health Risks: Cirrhosis, etc.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Hepatology found that daily drinking also increases the risk of developing alcoholic cirrhosis.

Although alcohol abuse researchers have assumed for years that volume of consumption plays a larger role in cirrhosis formation than frequency of consumption, the new findings seem to indicate otherwise. Drinking smaller volumes (even just a single drink at a time) every day appears to be more destructive in the long term than intermittently consuming larger quantities.

The Emerging Risk of Alcoholism

Daily drinking entails a higher degree of risk when it comes to developing alcohol dependency. One drink per day may eventually be ineffective for a person who then decides to consume more each day.

Over time, the daily intake increases until the individual has developed full-blown alcoholism. The effects of alcoholism are severe and extensive, and early intervention is the key to preventing these outcomes.

Seeking Treatment Sooner Rather than Later Is Always a Wise Choice

If you or a loved one has developed a daily drinking habit, it may seem totally manageable and harmless, but it’s crucial to take the long-term effects into account. When the reality of a cycle of addiction becomes apparent, it’s vital to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Most people who develop daily drinking habits do so as a means of stress relief, relaxation or “escape,” but it’s far more beneficial and safer to form healthier habits early. Contact The Dunes East Hampton today to learn about treatment options to help you break the cycle of daily alcohol consumption.

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