Experience Luxury Rehab for Complete Addiction Recovery and Wellness

Experience Luxury Rehab for Complete Addiction Recovery and WellnessFacing the reality of a drug or alcohol addiction and committing to recovery is an enormous and powerful step in life. For those who are ready to take back full control of their lives, yet require amenities above and beyond what typical rehab centers offer, The Dunes East Hampton provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

For some people, especially those in high-pressure and high-visibility professions, finding the right rehab facility can be particularly challenging. Your work and family obligations may not allow you to go completely offline as is typical with most inpatient rehabs. Privacy and security are also important concerns. The Dunes was created especially for those whose situation demands unique accommodations.

Our opulent estate in the Hamptons doesn’t look like a rehab facility, but rather a sumptuous summer getaway. Here you are not merely a patient, you are a guest being treated to a very special, customized retreat experience. Our resort-style lodging and five-star service blends seamlessly with the very best in drug and alcohol rehab services.

The Perfect Combination of Holistic and Clinical Treatment Options

The Perfect Combination of Holistic and Clinical Treatment OptionsWe employ a blended approach that combines tried-and-true rehab strategies with advanced holistic practices, in an individualized treatment regimen tailored to fit your particular needs.

Your daily experience may include yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided meditation, and a group therapy session. You may opt to participate in a various therapies and programs, and also utilize acupuncture as part of your recovery plan. Perhaps equine-assisted therapy is just what you need to get to the heart of whatever issues contributed to your addiction in the first place.

And of course, all our guests have access to the gorgeous grounds, swimming pool, and nearby beaches and trails. Frequent group outings are arranged to provide much-needed social interaction and support. 

Discover Your Path to Complete Wellness

From the moment you step foot onto the beautiful Dunes estate and appreciate its elegant splendor, you’ll know intuitively that you’ve arrived at a special space. It’s not a place you come to be fixed, but rather it’s the home-away-from-home where you’ll elevate your life.

Our programs are carefully designed to heal the whole person and help you develop a solid foundation to serve as the base for a healthy and prosperous new life, free from unwanted interference by substances and old habits that no longer serve you.

Your medical, mental, physical, and emotional needs are all equally important, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your recovery plan is designed to set you up for success throughout your treatment and for the rest of your life.

Serving the Needs of High-profile Individuals

Because our guests often come from high-visibility careers, we take extra care to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of those who stay with us. You can expect complete discretion from our staff, even as you enjoy the private rooms, gourmet meals, and unparalleled service that ensure your stay at The Dunes is as comfortable as possible.

Unlike other facilities that require patients to completely cut off contact with the outside world while going through treatment, we allow time each day for you to take care of critical duties to keep your life and work moving forward, so you don’t have to choose between rehab and maintaining your professional life. In fact, by making treatment a priority, you ensure that your career can benefit sooner rather than later from eliminating addiction from your life.

Start Your Recovery In Our Luxury Addiction Treatment Center

You’re invited to come experience first-in-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in an environment of unsurpassed comfort and extravagance.

Use the button below to learn more about our services, or if you prefer, contact us directly to speak to our helpful staff about your needs and secure your reservation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the richly rewarding experience of reclaiming control of your life and your destiny.

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