Our Luxury Rehab Experience in The Hamptons

Luxury Rehab New York Experience – The Dunes East Hampton

Nestled in the gorgeous, world-renowned Hamptons, The Dunes East Hampton provides a luxury rehabilitation experience for men and women who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Our gated, expansive East Hampton, New York estate provides the perfect setting for clients to recover comfortably and privately. Well-appointed rooms, gourmet cuisine and several other luxury amenities round out the premium inpatient treatment program at The Dunes.

Read below for an overview of some of the features, services and amenities that make The Dunes’ residential program a true luxury rehab experience.

The Dunes’ Luxurious Facility

Luxurious Rehab Facility – The Dunes East Hampton
The privacy and seclusion our East Hampton facility offers are crucial to our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Inpatient rehab is a time to work on improving oneself before returning to the outside world as a new person.

Clients are treated to uncompromising quality and comfort at our Hamptons estate. Our expansive property features a pool, access to nature trails and proximity to Napeague Bay and even the Atlantic Ocean. Massages are constantly available on site, and our five-star chef specializes in nutritious, gourmet dishes that are customized to clients’ individual recovery needs and tastes.

Just because you have to enter rehabilitation doesn’t mean you should have to forfeit the amenities you’re used to. The Dunes offers you a place to recover in style and comfort

Our Luxury Facility

Holistic Recovery Program

The Dunes East Hampton Private Pool
At The Dunes East Hampton, we believe in holistic therapy as one of the key approaches to addiction treatment. Holistic therapy is effective in putting clients in a more relaxed state and helping them to improve their focus and establish better habits. In short, holistic treatment can give the recipient a physical and mental boost.

The Dunes’ holistic therapy program is highlighted by ongoing activities such as yoga, meditation, eco-walks, physical training, swimming, acupuncture and more. We are also one of the few luxury rehab facilities in the country to offer equine-assisted therapy.

Our holistic treatment experts are highly trained in tailoring their practices to facilitate recovery from addiction. They help us provide an unparalleled rehab experience at our East Hampton estate.

Our Holistic Approach

Clinical Treatment Services

Clinical Counseling Services - The Dunes East Hampton

The holistic treatment we provide at The Dunes would not be nearly as effective if we didn’t subsequently offer evidence-based clinical treatment as well. Our clinical treatment services are much more advanced than simple one-on-one and group counseling sessions. Our counselors and therapists employ a number of tried-and-true strategies to facilitate the individual recoveries of each client.

At our luxury rehab in New York, we offer ongoing addiction education to each client, and we heavily emphasize the importance of community integration. We also teach mindfulness strategies and we use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients improve their thinking patterns and problem-solving skills. These are just a sample of the many clinical forms of treatment we utilize in our inpatient rehab program.

Our Clinical Services

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Family Resources

Our luxury estate is designed to offer uncompromising comfort and resources to help facilitate effective recovery. Families sending loved ones to The Dunes can feel confident that their loved ones will be provided the maximum level of attention to ensure that the recovery process is as pleasant and uplifting as possible.

Our secluded Long Island estate features top-shelf living accommodations, cuisine and more. Although privacy is a big part of our rehab philosophy, we do make exceptions so family members can communicate with their loved ones who are currently receiving treatment. We find that this even helps family members better understand addiction and the steps they can take to aid in the recovery process.

Additionally, we help direct families to counseling and educational services during and after their loved one’s time in inpatient rehab. Family plays a key role in helping someone seek treatment services and stay sober over the long run. At The Dunes, we recognize this, and we try to involve our clients’ families as much as we can in the recovery process.

Support for Families

Executive Accommodations

Rehab Executive Accommodations New York - The Dunes East Hampton
The Dunes East Hampton also has an executive rehab program for CEOs and other high-ranking professionals. Being a business leader doesn’t guarantee someone refuge from substance abuse. If anything, the responsibility and high stress involved with their job can make it tempting to turn to substances to take the edge off.

Our executive track provides a calm, private and luxurious setting to begin recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. We even have private suites occasionally available to residential inpatient clients. Although privacy is one of the cornerstones of any type of treatment program at The Dunes, our executive program allows clients more access to the outside world to help them keep their business operations running smoothly while receiving treatment.

If you’re a CEO or other business leader and you’re looking to kick an addiction that’s impeding your personal and professional life, our executive treatment program has the perfect accommodations for you.

Our Executive Program

Exclusive Legal Services

When you’re a client of The Dunes, we look out for you in every way possible. This is why we offer additional services such as case management and legal assistance.

People struggling with addiction are often no strangers to legal issues, which can become a distraction during the rehabilitation process. Therefore, inpatient residential clients of The Dunes are given access to a number of legal resources, such as our network of attorneys. Our legal team takes care of as much of the criminal and civil caseload as it possibly can so our clients can keep their focus on getting healthier and living sober again.

As for case management, these services kick in as soon as someone is admitted to our facility, and they continue for up to one year after completion of our residential inpatient program. We establish contacts and build a case management team that monitors and furthers a client’s recovery after residential inpatient treatment. Our case managers even provide assistance and resources to families of former Dunes clients so that they can better understand how to help in the recovery process.

Our Premium Services