The Dunes: New York’s Exclusive Executive Rehab Center

The Dunes Executive Amenities

Executive Drug and Alcohol Rehab in New York

Professionals and executives trapped in the throes of addiction often have careers and business obligations that cannot be put on hold. In order to accommodate those who may otherwise not choose treatment because of these obligations, The Dunes offers an Executive Treatment Program.

The Dunes East Hampton is one of the most prestigious and effective executive treatment centers in New York and the Northeast.

As part of this program, we allow communication to remain open between the executive being treated and his or her professional world – via email, phone, Skype, fax, etc. We can also make arrangements for the executive to attend important functions outside of The Dunes with a discreet chaperone. This allows for the individual’s recovery and privacy to remain of paramount importance while attending to ongoing responsibilities.

At The Dunes, you can assure your professional needs will be met during your recovery process.

Our Executive Rehab Program is available to:

  • CEOs and other business leaders
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Pilots
  • Talent agents
  • Other high-ranking professionals

Call The Dunes Today to Discuss How Our Luxury Accommodations and Customized Recovery Plans Can Meet Your Executive Rehab Needs:

Luxurious Amenities at Our Executive Treatment Center

Not only are clients in our executive program given special privileges, there’s also no downgrade in lifestyle when they transition from their everyday lives to our luxurious residential facility. We’re located among the opulence of The Hamptons in New York, and our large estate features easy access to nature trails as well as proximity to several beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Other notable amenities for executives include:

  • Large, elegant bedrooms and bathrooms, including high-end toiletries
  • Gourmet, customized cuisine from a five-star chef
  • A gated estate that ensures privacy
  • A swimming pool on the property
  • Massages constantly available on site
  • Frequent floral arrangements to add a special touch to your room
  • Holistic treatment program led by highly qualified professionals

Also, if you’re an executive, ask about the private suites we occasionally have available for newly admitted clients.

We’re all about comfort and privacy at The Dunes. We’ve found those two assurances help instill confidence in the recovery process, thus strengthening a person’s chances of maintaining sobriety long-term and avoiding relapse down the road.

Our Luxury Facility

Helping Executives Stay Sober Beyond Residential Treatment

Our long-running Doctor’s and Pilots Plan utilizes a five-year post-treatment monitoring plan for our clients after they check out of our residential facility to make sure they avoid relapse. This plan has shown an astounding recovery rate of roughly 90 percent. Due to the efficacy of this plan, we have created a similar Case Management Program for other professionals seeking recovery guidance at The Dunes. We are dedicated to helping our executive clients achieve a sustained, complete recovery.

Unparalleled Addiction Help for Executives in New York

If you are seeking executive drug or alcohol rehab and you need to stay connected to your profession, The Dunes’ executive treatment program is the prime choice for you to have your needs met in a residential setting.

Not only do we offer substantial comfort, privacy and world-class amenities, but we also utilize highly effective holistic and evidence-based treatment methods to help break your substance dependence and never look back. You’ll leave our executive rehab program with a brighter outlook and liberated from any substances that used to weigh down your career and personal life.