Exclusive Legal Services

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Legal Assistance

At The Dunes, we cater to the lifestyle and needs of those familiar with elegance. Our facilities provide the atmosphere for recovery, and our caring team works closely with our clients in order to offer a comfortable standard of living.

We believe that in order for your treatment to be successful, you need to be able to focus all of your efforts on recovery, not the extra baggage you may be carrying.

Legal problems and other outside issues can cause stress and anxiety, which will only distract our clients. For that reason, we offer our clients full-service legal assistance, case management, and transportation services.

Legal Assistance

By freeing our clients’ minds from the worry associated with legal issues, we help them focus on recovery. This better prepares them to effectively deal with their legal problems at the appropriate time.

Upon request, we will access a network of attorneys who are knowledgeable about addiction and ready to assist clients during or after their stay at The Dunes.

Typical addiction-related legal challenges include:

  • The fallout from DUIs
  • Criminal charges
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Lawsuits resulting from addiction
  • Personal injury
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Insurance issues
  • Workplace medical leaves for treatment
  • Workplace discrimination based on addiction

The Dunes’ legal team is highly capable of coordinating legal matters for our clients and, as necessary, will work with a client’s attorney or recommend one. You’re protected by law via the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) during your stay at The Dunes.

Let us handle your legal troubles. You focus on recovery.

Call Us to Find Out More About How We Can Help You Resolve Your Legal Issues While You Seek Recovery:

Case Management

Every single client at The Dunes receives a customized rehabilitation plan based upon their addiction and medical history. We take your history, your present state and future goals into account.

We understand the importance of maintaining contact and providing support for our recovering addicts after they leave our beautiful New York estate. Since your first few months at our facility are crucial for a life of sobriety, our commitment to you extends for one year post-discharge with our substance abuse case management program.

The Dunes East Hampton’s case management plan includes regular accountability, scheduled meetings and a dedicated team that supports you in recognizing potential relapse behavior before it occurs. With continued support, clients have the necessary structure to maintain sobriety and reach their recovery goals.

Beyond the individual, we also offer support to the family of the addict. Overcoming addiction is truly a team effort, and for that reason, we provide support and guidance for family members to help foster long-term recovery.

Flexible Transportation

Beyond our legal and case management services, we also take care of any transportation needs that might arise. If you need a service to and from the airport, or any other location, we’ll take care of you.

While being escorted by us, your safety, security and comfort are top priority for us. We go the extra mile to ensure your transportation is just as comforting as the rest of your stay at The Dunes.