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How Healthy Eating and Exercise Help with Addiction Recovery

healthy eating and addiction

Addictions, although they are diverse, require a multitude of strategies to help individuals successfully recover, to live life to the fullest and to find their true selves once again. Personalization of your addiction treatment program is essential, but it’s also essential to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your routine to boost your emotional and physical strength as well as your morale.

At The Dunes, we believe in treating every person as a whole, which is why healthy eating and exercise are vital elements included in our recovery programs. Here’s why you should focus on all aspects of holistic recovery and incorporate a regular exercise regimen and healthy diet into your life today.

Nutrition and Addiction

It’s common for people struggling with addiction – and those in recovery – to experience a sense of malnutrition. Whether substance use has robbed nutrients from the body or whether individuals have adopted poor eating habits while using, the effects on your emotional and physical health are evident.

Nutritional deficiency can lead to physical weaknesses, anxiety and even insomnia if nutrients are not restored in the body. Luckily, by adopting healthy eating habits, you can move toward a healthy lifestyle during recovery. Making small, but noticeable, changes in your diet can certainly go a long way. Reboot your physical and mental health by making the following changes to your diet.

Some basic changes in the diet of recovering addicts can make a great deal of difference. Although consulting a dietitian is a good idea to obtain a nutritional plan that will work best for you, here are a few common suggestions:

Exercise and Addiction

There’s no denying the positive impact of a regular exercise routine, but when you’re immersed in addiction treatment, the benefits are even more prominent. For one, exercise can help your mind focus on a productive activity and help you to create a new routine – one without a primary focus on your addiction. In addition, exercise can also help you to work off feelings of anxiety and release natural endorphins.

Primarily, a regular exercise treatment during addiction recovery can help you feel better physically. As you’re restoring your body’s strength, the benefits can lead to a more toned physique, a better mental state and a proud sense of accomplishment.

Find the Support You Need at The Dunes East Hampton

It can be difficult to face the fact that you – or a loved one – needs addiction treatment; however, taking the first step toward recovery is essential. You are not alone.

The Dunes Luxury Rehab Center on Long Island is here to help you with addiction treatment programs for a variety of conditions. At The Dunes on Long Island, clients benefit from our staff’s ability to empathetically relate to their experiences, having successfully coped with their own addictions. This ability to connect is the core of our strong staff-to-client relationship. It is an essential quality necessary to foster a rapport between clients and their clinicians, counselors and advocates and achieve an environment of acceptance, trust and honesty.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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