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New York Substance Rehab for Canadians

NY Rehab For Canadians

Why Canadians Are Heading to The Dunes East Hampton Rehabilitation Facility

The Dunes Treatment Center, in East Hampton, New York has a well-deserved reputation as a world-class, highly confidential drug and alcohol rehab center located on the luxurious east end of Long Island. At The Dunes East Hampton, we welcome our clients into a plush and well-appointed facility, designed to cater to the personal needs of each individual.

Our evidence-based treatment programs focus on the specific personal circumstances of each client. The holistic and varied therapeutic approaches we are known for differentiate us from other facilities and put our clients on the path to long-lasting wellness.

Our approach draws clients from NYC, the tri-state area and the entire East Coast, but increasingly clients from easterly cities of Canada are discovering the benefits of visiting us at our exclusive residential treatment facility.

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Close to Toronto and Montreal, But Not Too Close

As global centers of business and the arts, both Toronto and Montreal offer an enviable lifestyle with a wealth of opportunities to indulge, or over indulge. Seeking confidential help at an inpatient rehab and therapy center away from the triggers and stresses of home has long been recognized as a significant aid in helping individuals find wellness. The Dunes Treatment Center has the advantage of being close enough to Montreal and Toronto that it can be easily reached, yet far enough away to increase the chances of long-lasting rehabilitation.

The Dunes East Hampton is geared towards executives and professionals with daily commitments that cannot simply be put on hold. The discrete staff at The Dunes help people engaged in business in Montreal and Toronto stay in touch with external commitments yet keep the focus on wellness. Our programs balance external needs with superlative therapies.

Exclusive Hampton’s Location

The Hamptons are known throughout the world as a place for luxury retreat. Close to New York City, the Hamptons are most recognized for their beautiful coastline and long sandy beaches where people of prominence get away from it all and privacy is essential to all.

Clients of The Dunes Treatment Center will experience a home-away-from-home style environment where we provide an extension of your lifestyle that’s geared toward sobriety.

Easily Accessible

Residents of Montreal and Toronto are attracted to The Dunes because of its highly qualified medical staff, overall luxury and easy accessibility.

Getting to East Hampton is easy; it’s just a short one-hour commercial flight and a beautiful drive along the Long Island coast. Alternatively, there is a range of local private and public-use airports nearby for those seeking an even shorter travel time and additional privacy, including in the township of East Hampton itself.

On the occasion where an external business commitment requires that a client must travel back home for a few hours, we can often make the accommodation by building it into the treatment schedule and plan.  If needed, using the utmost of discretion, we will even accompany the client in order to provide additional support.

Spa-Like Living Meets Best-In-Class Treatment

Our clients can luxuriate with massage sessions, delight in our upscale cuisine or even take a swim in our outdoor pool. All while our highly regarded medical staff governs an individual program that includes all that’s necessary for the client to regain control of their life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

We minimize the effects of withdrawal through medical and emotional support therapies, offer an array of activities to broaden coping skills and help individuals recognize triggers, and follow additional and specialized techniques to help broaden coping skills and assist individuals establish a healthy and sober lifestyle. We know that recovery can be a difficult task on its own and doing so at our private estate makes it as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible.

The Dunes Offers Full Confidentiality

Residents at The Dunes East Hampton frequently need a heightened level of confidentiality, especially at the start of their recovery. This often means that facilities located closer to home are not optimal due to the prospect of recognition. Coming “home” to The Dunes Treatment Center removes the risk.

The Hamptons are the premier destination for high-profile visitors and home to many celebrities. At The Dunes East Hampton, clients worried about exposure can expect to receive the highest level of confidentiality blended with the best quality short- and long-term treatment needed for a lifetime of success.

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