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The Dunes East Hampton has a well-deserved reputation as a world-class, highly confidential drug and alcohol rehab center located in exclusive, and beautiful, East Hampton on Long Island. At The Dunes, we welcome our clients into a sumptuous and well-appointed facility, equipped with everything needed to fully recover in an environment that caters to the personal needs of each and every individual.

NYC Life

Working in an environment such as on Wall Street comes with a set of pressures unique to the city. The sense of life, the excitement of big business, and the feeling you get when a successful trade or a deal is executed are all part of what makes New York…well, New York, which is why so many feel that there’s no better city in the world.

But living and breathing the life of Manhattan’s financial district can have a darker side. The long hours and enormous pressure to stay ahead of the game can wreak havoc on the mind, body and soul. And when you live in the city, the need to succeed doesn’t end when you leave work. There are clients to entertain and networking to be done in the city that never sleeps.

Given the pace and demands of this lifestyle, it’s understandable why so many look to drugs or alcohol for a little assistance. The problems arise when that little assistance becomes a need that all too often takes control over your life.

Breaking the Addiction Cycle

At The Dunes rehab NYC, we’ve created a serene and peaceful haven where those who have made the decision to be free from substance abuse are given the skills and tools needed to achieve their goal. In some ways, coming to The Dunes is like any other business decision you make. There is a goal, and there are steps needed to achieve it. The question is, how do you set yourself up for success?

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The Dunes is How You Set Yourself Up for Success

In East Hampton, we know a thing or two about privacy and confidentiality, so you need never be concerned with either. We also understand that you want to return to the physical condition you were accustomed to being in. So, we’ve created a posh, high-quality facility where the range of options is a little like the menu at your favorite spa.

But, there’s a big difference – we construct a program centered on, for, and around you. We will work with you to define your triggers and help you understand how to avoid them as well as situations where you will find temptation. We understand your life is filled with lots of stresses. Tailoring your program to accommodate these pressures is essential and is the only way to ensure your success.

Meeting the Needs of NYC Residents

We are fully aware that life doesn’t stop while you’re with us and, if necessary, we can get you back into the city in order to participate in an important meeting or conference. And of course, you can attend to business needs while you’re here.

At The Dunes East Hampton, our approach is to understand our clients and to show them that a life without substance use is possible and exhilarating. Our therapies, our programs and our approach likely mirror yours. Working together, you will be on the road to a quick and successful recovery.

The Dunes NYC Address

525 East 72nd Street, #31G
New York City, NY 10021

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