Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Luxury Residential Inpatient Rehab

Effective Programs in a Luxury Residential Setting

Addiction treatment experts have determined that addiction is a chronic disease and not a moral failing or a behavior problem on the part of those struggling with it. The American Society of Addiction Medicine explains this quite clearly when it states that it is “about brains, not drugs”.

Residential addiction treatment programs allow clients to take the time they need to focus on getting well without any outside distractions. It is a time to slow down, take a breath, and deal with the underlying issues that allowed addiction to develop.

As New York’s premier luxury addiction treatment center, The Dunes East Hampton is uniquely qualified to meet your needs or that of a loved one.

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Why Choose Our Residential Recovery Program:

Our inpatient treatment program may be the best option for you or your loved one if you:

  • Are able to take time away from work or school to focus solely on drug or alcohol treatment
  • Also need treatment for a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression that may be contributing to the addiction
  • Have been through other treatment programs and/or have experienced a relapse
  • Are looking for a luxurious, comfortable and private place to heal and recover discreetly
  • Know or suspect that a highly-structured approach to treatment would be best for your needs
  • Are looking for a licensed program that offers evidenced-based, proven treatment models and protocols
  • Are interested in an addiction program that can provide long-term, sober living aftercare services that provide support while transitioning to independent living again

The Dunes East Hampton approach to treatment is a holistic one which treats addiction on three fronts: mind, body and spirit. This disease is a complicated one, and it affects individuals on many levels. The staff here at The Dunes has the expertise to help clients move toward long-term sobriety in the privacy of our beautiful, luxury treatment facility.

Our Holistic Inpatient Treatment Programs Include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Yoga
  • Shiatsu
  • Meditation
  • Nature walks

Since no two people are the same, we recognize the need for personalized treatment planning. When you arrive at The Dunes the first step is to work with an intake counselor who will conduct a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation. An individualized treatment plan is then developed to meet your needs and long-term recovery goals. You will then enter into the residence where you will stay during your inpatient treatment program. During your stay with us, our staff will ensure that you are comfortable, well taken care of and can focus your full attention on the healing process.