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Facts About Addiction: Educate Yourself Here

At The Dunes East Hampton, we understand that dealing with a substance abuse problem is stressful and overwhelming. For those struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to acknowledge that the situation has become too dire to handle without help from loved ones and professionals. Likewise, the family and friends of those struggling with addiction are not always sure of the best way to help their loved ones without enabling their unhealthy behaviors.

Our interdisciplinary staff, which includes addiction specialists and holistic psychotherapy experts, is dedicated to providing patients with the information that they need to be successful in recovery. The following resources provide those struggling with addiction and their loved ones with reliable information about addiction, treatment and the recovery process.

Online Alcohol Assessment

Those struggling with alcohol abuse are often unwilling to admit that they have a problem, or they are unsure of how to voice their needs. Our online alcohol assessment offers individuals an opportunity to examine their situation from an outsider’s perspective. This resource also provides users with tools for communicating the nature of their problem and tips on how they can get help to face their addiction the right way.

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Enlightening Infographics

Education is an important part of the recovery process. Likewise, individuals dealing with addiction are more successful in recovery when they understand what is at stake for themselves and their families. Our helpful infographics provide a wide spectrum of encouraging, informative facts and stats in a visually appealing way. Review these resources to learn more about the dangers posed by drug abuse, the stages of alcoholism and other relevant recovery and treatment topics.

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Interesting Facts About Addiction

Four Stages of Alcoholism

Video Resources

In times of adversity, the most reassuring advice always comes from certified experts and those who have already lived through your experience. That’s why we endeavor to make relevant content available to our clients through video resources. We also host interviews of our medical experts, share insights on the latest treatment methods and offer digital tours of our beautiful facility in The Hamptons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is only natural for those considering entering an addiction rehabilitation center treatment to have questions about what to expect. Similarly, friends and families of individuals struggling with addiction are sure to have questions about treatment, safety and how they can contribute to long-term recovery. Our comprehensive FAQ can answer these questions and more.

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You can also reach out to one of our admissions counselors any time for more details about our facility or our expert treatment staff. We look forward to receiving your call and providing you or your loved one with the help necessary to overcome addiction and start a life of sobriety.