Four Stages of Alcoholism: Infographic

Alcohol is widely available in the U.S., and socially acceptable in just about any circle. Being that the substance is easily accessible, many drinkers tend to overlook the addictive properties alcohol has.

Alcohol use left unchecked can easily lead to addiction, and this happens to many Americans each year. How many?

To help give you an idea of the scope of alcoholism in this country, we’ve gone through countless pages of medical research and government reports to offer some of the most compelling facts and stats in infographic form.

The following image covers symptoms you’ll see in each of the four stages of alcoholism. The infographic then finishes off with some compelling stats about the U.S. as a whole, and then New York (our home state) in specific.

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If you’d like to know how alcohol addiction is treated, contact us anytime. And if you know a loved one even in the first stage of alcoholism – but especially in the third or fourth stages – please don’t hesitate to start looking into professional help on their behalf.

Four Stages of Alcoholism Infographic - US And New York Stats

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