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Adderall Addiction Treatment

Adderall is a medication that helps a lot of people, but more people abuse it every day. Although students in high school and college are the most frequent users, adults with high-stress jobs may be involved in Adderall abuse too. Over time, addiction can develop, which is the most serious level of substance use disorder. Adderall detox and addiction treatment is the best way for you to overcome this problem.

About Adderall

As an amphetamine, Adderall is a strong stimulant for the central nervous system. It comes in tablet form with doses that range from 5 to 30 milligrams.

Doctors mostly prescribe it to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but it can also treat narcolepsy. If you have narcolepsy, it gives you more energy. However, it has the opposite effect if you have ADHD.

The Risk for Adderall Abuse

woman looking out window needs adderall addiction treatmentDespite its usefulness, Adderall has a high potential for abuse and addiction. Because of that, the government lists it as a Schedule II drug in the Controlled Substances Act. It’s important that you don’t think that it’s safe just because doctors prescribe it.

Adderall is addictive because it increases dopamine levels in the brain. This natural chemical makes you feel happy, rewarded and relaxed. If you abuse this drug, it floods your brain with too much dopamine. As a result, the brain eventually stops making dopamine on its own, so you crave more drugs to keep your dopamine levels high.

Most people start abusing Adderall to improve athletic performance, stay awake, lose weight and promote focus. Others just use it to get high. Habitual use typically leads to tolerance, which requires higher doses to feel the same effects. Then dependency develops, and your body can’t function without it.

Adderall Addiction Treatment

When you have an Adderall use disorder, treatment involves learning how to live without the drug. In general, Adderall addiction treatment consists of detox, therapy, and continued treatment.


Adderall addiction treatment always starts with detox, a process in which the body naturally cleanses itself of the drug. Without the drug, however, you’ll experience withdrawal. The symptoms can make it hard to function if you don’t get help. They usually include depression, fatigue, and very poor concentration.

A detox center can monitor your symptoms and give you medications to make them less intense. With their assistance, you can safely stop using Adderall. It can take about a week before the symptoms subside. However, some symptoms may be present for three to four weeks.

If you were a heavy Adderall user, the detox facility may recommend a taper-down plan. This strategy gradually eliminates the drug from your system. It also minimizes the depression and fatigue that you experience during the process. However, it adds a few weeks to your detox.


Therapy is a necessary part of Adderall rehab since it teaches you how to stay sober. Through therapy, you can pinpoint the professional or social stressors that trigger your urges to use drugs. Counseling also helps you work through repressed emotions.

Residential rehab is the best option if you have a moderate to severe substance use disorder. It follows a structured treatment plan away from drug influences. Along with therapy, residential care includes group activities and support group meetings. These addiction treatment programs can last 30 to 90 days or longer depending on your well-being.

However, you could benefit from outpatient Adderall addiction treatment if you have a mild substance use disorder and a strong support system at home. This program type gives you more freedom to continue working while you overcome your substance use disorder. It still includes therapy, support meetings, and group activities.

Continued Treatment

Simply completing a detox and rehab program isn’t enough. Addiction is a lifelong disease that requires continued management. Your rehab center can help you create an aftercare plan to encourage sobriety.

The Adderall rehab center may have its own program to provide further therapy and support. Otherwise, you could visit a private therapist and attend support group meetings to stay on the right path.

Quality Adderall Treatment on Long Island, NY

If you’ve developed a substance use disorder on Adderall, The Dunes in East Hampton, NY (not far from NYC) can provide specialized help. Our luxury facility makes you feel as comfortable as possible while you learn to live a drug-free life. To accommodate your needs and schedule, we provide residential inpatient and intensive outpatient addiction treatment programs. Our experts will create a customized treatment plan to provide therapies that benefit you, such as:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • Mindfulness groups
  • Holistic therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Experiential group outings

Some group outings that The Dunes facilitates include fishing, hiking, kayaking, and sailing. We also recognize that life doesn’t stop during rehab, so we give you the opportunity to go to the gym, hair and nail salon, and beach.

Don’t suffer another day with substance use disorder. Some Adderall addiction stories have a happy ending. Get help at a quality rehab center. Call The Dunes at 877-818-5539 to start your recovery today.

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