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The Dunes luxury alcohol addiction rehab treatment center specializes in treating alcohol addiction and dependence. Since this problem affects so many individuals nationwide, we have made it our mission to help individuals struggling with this life-altering disease.

Our luxury alcohol rehab center focuses on treating the entire person individually. In order for alcohol recovery to be possible, we concentrate on treating the causes and consequences of alcohol addiction. This helps us discover the individual’s primary addiction triggers and we can then work on how to alleviate those triggers from happening, or teach how to cope with those triggers when they arise.


Recognizing the Signs of Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

There are many signs and stages of alcoholism that are indicators of alcohol abuse or addiction. In order to help an individual recover successfully in alcohol rehab, it is important to read these signs.

Signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Using alcohol to cope with emotional feelings. When alcohol is used to “relax” and relieve stress. Sometimes it will go to the extreme where the person will binge drink daily and use excuses that they’re “stressed” or “had a bad day.”
  • Alcohol is leading to legal consequences. When alcohol abuse is present, legal consequences come in a matter of time. The individual will place themselves in harmful situations including: drinking and driving, getting into fights while drunk, etc.
  • Alcohol begins to consume daily life responsibilities. When work days are missed from being hung-over, or the individual is showing up to work still drunk from the night before, alcohol abuse is probably the factor.
  • Relationship problems begin to arise. When an individual is drinking excessively and relationships with family members, spouses, and friends become a continuous issue.

Signs of alcoholism include:

  • Building up a tolerance. In order to feel a buzz, individuals will need to drink a certain amount of drinks. As tolerance builds, individuals will need a higher volume of alcohol in order to obtain the same feeling.
  • Loss of control. The individual no longer has control over their drinking habits, drinking more and more and not necessarily wanting to, but needing to.
  • Withdrawal when not using alcohol. When someone drinks large amounts of alcohol and then stops their body can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • Want to stop drinking, but can’t. The drinking has become such a habit and the body has become tolerant to it, that quitting seems impossible.


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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that can occur when an individual is dependent or addicted to alcohol. Some can be life threatening, so it’s important to seek medical help during detoxification from alcohol. Some of the symptoms may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Shaking
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

Luxury Alcohol Rehab on Long Island, NY

Alcohol addiction treatment that’s tailored to the individual has been proven effective. Once each patient is admitted into treatment, we begin with an substance abuse evaluation to help us determine what is needed to make recovery possible for them. During this evaluation, we may recommend whether a residential treatment program or outpatient treatment is necessary. When struggling with alcoholism, residential treatment is a great option since alcoholism can lead to severe withdrawals and intense cravings after withdrawal so it is important to have that 24/7 supervision by clinicians and addiction specialists. If residential treatment is not an option, we also offer intensive outpatient treatment. All of our treatment selections provide completely private and luxury environments.

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