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Customizing Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Plans for Long Term Recovery

Although we have treatment programs for people trying to break an addiction to narcotics or alcohol, we specialize in treating those who have developed an addiction to prescription drugs. The Dunes East Hampton on Long Island (not far from NYC) offers the only high-end residential treatment program in the Northeastern U.S. We develop a customized, highly structured plan of prescription addiction treatment for each resident new to The Dunes. We set each of them on a year-long plan, and then we build the plan out to five years, a period of time which is crucial to achieving life-long sobriety. Our high-end amenities and private resort setting make for the perfect environment for anyone seeking prescription drug addiction treatment to take those first essential steps toward a full recovery.


Prescription Drug Abuse: What We Treat

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the U.S., and we at The Dunes East Hampton want to be the solution for anyone seeking help for addiction to prescription drugs. Often someone may have been prescribed a painkiller after an injury, but the person began to use those pills in ways other than directed, and soon a dependency emerged. Here at The Dunes, we treat a wide range of prescription drug addictions, including, but not limited to:

As you can see, our services go well beyond painkiller addiction treatment. We can help with all classes of prescription drugs, making The Dunes one of the leading prescription drug addiction treatment centers in New York.


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Prescription Drug Rehab

At The Dunes East Hampton, our treatment for prescription drug addiction follows the Syndrome Model of Addiction, which was created by Dr. Howard Shaffer, our program advisor and mentor. This view considers addiction as a complex condition with various signs and symptoms that are not the same for every person. Therefore, since each client presents unique challenges, we try to get to the root causes of their addiction, and we develop a prescription drug addiction recovery plan that is tailored to their needs. The plan is reviewed and sometimes revised throughout the prescription addiction treatment process as the client exhibits signs of progress as well as new challenges.

Outpatient Prescription Drug Addiction Help

Our prescription drug abuse rehab services are available to anyone who graduated from our inpatient residential program but would like to continue receiving treatment on an outpatient basis. These intensive outpatient services are also extended to anyone who lives within the area or is staying nearby for an extended amount of time and needs prescription drug addiction help. At The Dunes East Hampton on Long Island, we offer customized outpatient treatment therapies, and each client is also invited to participate in a variety of holistic treatment exercises, such as yoga, Shiatsu, acupuncture, spiritual counseling, eco-walks and more. We also give nutritional recommendations to each client, knowing that abstaining from drugs and alcohol and maintaining a well-balanced diet go hand-in-hand. Whether on an inpatient or outpatient basis, The Dunes puts all of its resources into making sure each client is given the right direction on their quest toward a sober, recovered life.

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