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What Is This “Syndrome Model Of Addiction” Everyone Is Talking About?

Syndrome Model Of Addiction Everyone Is Talking About

Discussion at The Dunes

What sets The Dunes apart from other treatment centers is that we believe there is one addiction disorder and many expressions of it. This view comes from the Syndrome Model of Addiction, which considers addiction to be a complex condition with multiple signs and symptoms. This is why addiction is expressed in many different ways. One person might be addicted to gambling while another is addicted to drugs. Though they express things differently, they suffer from the same disorder.

Addiction follows a unique pattern for each individual. Symptoms of addiction come from the interaction of the following:

The 3 C’s Of Addiction

Research tells us that substance abuse and negative patterns of behavior can shift brain chemistry and emotional states. Though the signs and symptoms can manifest in different ways, most addicts tend to experience the 3 C’s, which include:

Each individual is unique, which is why their signs and symptoms differ from each other. Yet because they are all suffering from the same addiction syndrome, we tend to see the 3 C’s in the majority of our clients.

How The Syndrome Model Of Addiction Impacts Treatment

It’s helpful to understand the Addiction Syndrome Model and how it fits into recovery.

Assessment with The Dunes Medical Staff

Our staff recognizes that there is a broader, underlying syndrome that is allowing signs and symptoms to come forth, i.e. the use of drugs and alcohol. Rather than assuming that it’s the substances causing the addiction, our doctors understand that there is an underlying syndrome that needs to be addressed.

Furthermore, we are aware that individuals may have other things going on that are making them more vulnerable to addiction such as anxiety or depression. When we have all the pieces of the puzzle, we can effectively treat addiction by substituting healthy behaviors for negative ones.

Here are a few of the components of our treatment model:

The Dunes of East Hampton has much success practicing the Addiction Syndrome Model. We feel that this fresh perspective has enabled us to help some of the most severe addicts. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call us today to start your journey to sobriety in a safe, comfortable and confidential setting.

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