Luxury Drug Rehab

Drug and Substance Addiction Recovery Luxury Rehab

Offering a Completely Private Solution for Treatment

Our luxury drug rehab center provides complete security and relaxation located in East Hampton, New York. With our luxury model, we are different than many other rehabs. We want patients to feel comfortable when they are beginning their life of sobriety from drug addiction, so we offer high-end amenities and privacy to help complete their comfort during this difficult time.

Drug Addiction Treatment: What We Treat

We want each patient to know that, no matter what drug addiction they are struggling with, we can help. With customized luxury drug treatment programs, we have the ability to tailor treatment to the appropriate addiction type including:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Methamphetamine

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Our Luxury Drug Treatment Approach

Drug addiction is often caused by a life-changing event. In reverse, drug addiction can also cause many life-changing events. It is our job to find out how a patient’s life may have changed and what event may have caused the habit of drug abuse. Here are some ways our team chooses the right drug treatment program:

Syndrome Model of Addiction

Each drug addiction will present a range of signs and symptoms in the individual. With a full evaluation, our highly skilled drug addiction professionals can determine the most suitable program for their needs.

Integrated Drug Treatment

Once the causes of drug addiction are determined, we will provide integrated treatment options based on those causes and current symptoms. As well as our treatment therapies, we offer holistic treatment options that can be attended in conjunction with everyday therapies.

Exclusivity and Luxury Surroundings

Each patient is welcomed at our luxury drug rehab by an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and the convenience and comforts of modern amenities. Our facility is located close to the ocean in a small town providing a completely relaxing, secluded environment.

Upscale Nutrition

During drug addiction treatment, we have found that a well-balanced diet can help relax individuals and put them in a better mood. Drug abuse can lead to unhealthy choices. Part of treatment is recognizing the unhealthy choices and focusing on nourishing the body with healthy nutrition. This can also speed up the recovery process.